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Speaking Test Part 2 Exercise 3: Books

In IELTS Speaking Part 2, you will need to talk about a topic that you are provided with for 1-2 minutes.You will be given a topic card with a talking point and a set of criteria – things you must talk about. The examiner will ask give you a pen and piece of paper. Use this to jot all of your ideas down. The examiner will tell you when to begin giving your talk.Take 30 seconds to read the topic and criteria and jot down some notes. Then, start your stopwatch and try to talk continuously for between 1 to 2 minutes.

Topic: Books

Describe a book that you have enjoyed reading.

You should say:

– What the book name is

– Who the main characters are

– What the book is about

– Explain why you enjoyed reading it so much


Model Answer: Books



Transcript: My favourite book would have to be The Kite Runner. I can’t recall the name of the author just now, but I do remember this being the biggest emotional rollercoaster any book has ever taken me on! I was living in London at the time that I read the book. I vividly remember sneaking into bed early as I was so desperate to discover what would happen as the story unfolded. The main character was a young boy who would chase after kites when they fell from the sky. His story was tragic at times, but also heroic and inspirational. The book follows him from being a young boy living in Afghanistan to adulthood. It depicted his friendships, his relationships with his family and his relationships with other people living in the village. There were some quite traumatic parts of the story – things that you really couldn’t believe would happen – but I think that is why I found the book so enticing. I honestly couldn’t wait to retire in bed with my book every night and find out the next part of the boy’s adventure-filled life. I also learnt a lot about the Afghan culture through the book. Some elements I was already aware of, but some things, such as women not being allowed to travel alone, were very surprising to me. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for good read!

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