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Top Test Tips!

You’ve done all the preparation, booked your test slot and the day has finally arrived. How do you ensure that you ace the tests on the day? Read our top exam tips to help you on the road to success!

Be Comfortable

The test is 2 hours and 45 minutes in total, and you will be sat for most of this time. Therefore, you must wear clothing that you will be comfortable in. Also, be prepared in case the exam room is particularly hot or cold – wear layers that you can remove or add.

Stay Calm

It might seem easy to say, but it is so important that you stay calm on the day so that you can focus well during the exam. If you’ve prepared well, there is nothing to worry about. So, forget about worrying and go in there and try your best!

Be on Time

To help you remain calm, you must ensure an early arrival at the test centre – there really is nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic, panicking and having to rush into an exam. Test centres will not allow you to enter after the test has started and you will need to sign in beforehand, so it is recommended that you head off extra early, just to be sure.

Take the Necessary Documents

You will need ID to check-in for your test. The exact requirements will differ between centres and different countries, so be sure to find out what you need in advance and then make sure you have it with you on the day.

Be Prepared

Those of you taking the paper-based IELTS will be using pens and pencils to record your answers. Take a selection of your favourite pens and pencils with you so that you feel comfortable with the tools you are using and make sure you have spares in case any break or run out of ink! You should also take your own eraser.

Sip Water

You are allowed drinks in the test room as long as they are in a clear bottle. It is recommended that you take a bottle of water with you to sip slowly throughout the tests. This will help you to stay well-hydrated and alert. Be careful not to drink too much too fast though as you don’t want to waste valuable test time going to the toilet!

Manage Your Time Effectively

You should already be used to the timings of each test from the practice you’ve done beforehand. When you get into the test room, don’t forget to monitor your time and stay within the recommended timings for each section. No watches are allowed in the test room, but there will be a visible clock for you to refer to.

Don’t Use Slang

Remember, the only thing you are being tested on is your level of English. Therefore, make sure you are using the language correctly – avoid using informal phrases and slang.

Say and Write Enough, but Not Too Much

You need to show that you have plenty of languages and that you can use the language correctly and accurately – so you need to show the examiner enough examples of this. However, the more you say or write, the more opportunities there are for making mistakes, so know when to stop.

Read the Question Carefully

There is nothing more infuriating than losing pointless marks because you didn’t take the time to read the question carefully. Make sure that you understand what the question is asking and make sure you answer it!

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