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Speaking Test Part 3 Practice 2: Family

In IELTS Speaking Part 3, the examiner will base the questions asked around the topic that you discussed in-depth in part 2. In this part, the examiner is looking for you to go deeper with your answers, providing examples and explanations as you go. I recommend using the P.E.E. structure to help you develop your answers:

P: Point

Make a clear point in response to the question the examiner has asked, e.g. I agree/disagree that…

E: Example

Give an example to support the point you have made, e.g. For example, …

E: Elaboration

Provide further evidence or information to support your point, e.g. Furthermore…

Practice answering the questions aloud and record your answers. Then compare with the model answer below.


What things are traditions for your family?

How do you think family life might change in the future?

Do you think it is important to preserve family traditions?



Examiner: We were thinking in Part 2 about family. What sort of things are traditions followed by people in your family?

Candidate: My family is quite spread out around the world but we do still follow many traditions. We are a Christian family and so Christmas is a very important time for us. Everyone will make the effort to come together in one place during this time so that we are able to celebrate together.

Examiner: How do you think family life might change in the future?

Candidate: I think that as it becomes easier for people to relocate around the world, families will become less close and, as a result, important traditions could be lost. If you consider family life throughout history, it was based around families always living in the same place and living their lives together, which just isn’t the case for many families nowadays.

Examiner: Do you think some families will keep traditions alive more than others?

Candidate: I believe that some families will value traditions more than others and focus on maintaining these for years to come. If, perhaps, a family has grown distant or if there has been a family feud, then it is likely that the family traditions will be happily dropped by family members. Those families that retain close relationships to one another will work to continue the traditions they know and value.

Examiner: Do you think it is important to preserve family traditions?

Candidate: In my opinion, I think creating new family traditions with your current family is more important than sticking to traditions of past generations. The way I would like to celebrate Christmas is very different to the way its currently done in my family and sometimes I wish that I didn’t have to follow these traditions so strictly. However, I do appreciate the value of traditions and think it is important that we still recognise and celebrate the past.

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