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Speaking Test Part 3 Practice 3: Society

In IELTS Speaking Part 3, the examiner will base the questions asked around the topic that you discussed in-depth in part 2. In this part, the examiner is looking for you to go deeper with your answers, providing examples and explanations as you go. I recommend using the P.E.E. structure to help you develop your answers:

P: Point

Make a clear point in response to the question the examiner has asked, e.g. I agree/disagree that…

E: Example

Give an example to support the point you have made, e.g. For example, …

E: Elaboration

Provide further evidence or information to support your point, e.g. Furthermore…


What type of crime is prevalent in your country?

Why do you think this type of crime is being committed?

Do you agree that criminals should go to prison?

Practice answering the questions aloud and record your answers. Then compare with the model answer below.



Examiner: We were thinking in Part 2 about society. Different societies face different sorts of problems. One key problem many societies struggle with is crime. What types of crime are prevalent in your country?

Candidate: In my country, one main crime that causes a lot of grief for people is mugging. There are a small number of people who will ride motorcycles and try to steal the bags of people walking along the street. They also tend to target tourists, which can make some people less keen to visit.

Examiner: Are there measures in place to reduce this type of crime in your country?

Candidate: Yes, the national government has put a range of provisions in place. All hotels must inform guests of the risks of moped muggers and are encouraged to wear their bags either in front of their bodies or strapped across their body. This helps to make them less vulnerable targets.

Examiner: Why do you think this type of crime is being committed?

Candidate: Sadly, there are many people living in poverty in the country who are desperate. These people will do anything to get money to feed themselves and their families and many resort to crime.

Examiner: Do you agree that all criminals should go to prison?

Candidate: Thinking about the reasons for why some people commit crimes, I do not agree that all criminals should go to prison. If someone is stealing because they have no money to feed their family, I think the government need to think about what they can do to support these families and give them an option other than stealing to stay alive.

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