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Speaking Test Part 2 Practice 1: Music

In IELTS Speaking Part 2, you will need to talk about a topic that you are provided with for 1-2 minutes.

You will be given a topic card with a talking point and a set of criteria – things you must talk about. The examiner will ask give you a pen and piece of paper. Use this to jot all of your ideas down. The examiner will tell you when to begin giving your talk.

Take 30 seconds to read the topic and criteria and jot down some notes. Then, start your stopwatch and try to talk continuously for between 1 to 2 minutes.

Topic: Music

Describe a piece of music that is very important to you.

You should say:

– What the piece of music is

– When you first heard it

– Where you were when you first heard it

– Explain why it is so important to you

Model Answer: Music 



Transcript: My favourite piece of music is Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. I first heard this piece of music when I was at university with my friends. It used to play every time we were at the student union bar for a night called Fun Factory. We would often be sitting around a large circular table together; chatting, dancing and having fun. Whenever the song came on, we would all jump up and start singing. We would sing at the top of our voices and drape our arms over each other’s shoulders. Everyone was always so happy when this song was playing. Now, when I hear it, I always think of my university friends and the fun times we had together. I recently watched the film that came out about Queen and Freddie Mercury. This song featured in the film and it reminded me of how much I love the song. Since hearing it again in the film, I have added it to my Spotify playlist and have started listening to it every day. It always makes me feel so nostalgic and grateful for the wonderful times I had with my friends at university.

Time: 01:10

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