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Listening Practice 1: Sentence Completion

Listening Practice 1

Libraries of the Future

Listen to the audio clip below and answer the sentence completion questions. If you have completed some of the practice questions for reading, you are probably already familiar with sentence completion tasks.

For the listening test, it is recommended that you use capital letters to record your answers – this will make your answer clear. And remember: to get a mark for a correct answer, it has to be spelt correctly!!!

In the instructions, you will be told how many words and/or numbers are expected to be given in the answer. Ensure that you check this carefully before answering the questions and be sure to stick to this amount of words and numbers in your response.

This practice exercise is focused on a text about future technology for libraries. This has been a common IELTS topic over the years, so it is good to familiarise yourself with it now.

A final top tip – be sure to quickly glance through the questions before listening to the recording – this will help you to listen out for relevant information!



Listen to the audio clip and complete the following sentences. In each answer, you must give no more than 3 words and/or a number.


  1. Libraries are an entrance to the ___________.


  1. To improve the technological ability of local societies, libraries should be supplied with __________.


  1. __________ the library itself needs to leave the physical library building.


  1. The Ideas Box will take the library to people in refugee camps and __________ societies.


  1. __________ paper books are included in the Ideas Box library.


  1. The Espresso Book Machine is sold by ___________.


Audio Clip

Listen to the audio file by clicking on the play button:


Transcript: Libraries of the Future

Libraries lead the way to digital citizenship. They should be the first places where most advanced technologies are implemented. They should be viewed as the entry points to the digital world. They are the way to embrace technology and avoid digital exclusion.

Therefore, to improve technological literacy of local communities, libraries should be equipped with relevant technologies.

The Ideas Box

Sometimes, to engage local communities, or reach people in remote locations, the library would want to physically leave the library building.

The Ideas Box is a revolutionary concept developed by Librarians Without Borders, with the aim to reach people in refugee camps and impoverished communities.

The most thrilling thing about this modern library center is that it can be assembled in less than 20 minutes. This library in a box includes 250 paper books, 50 e-readers, and a variety of educational apps.

Print On Demand Machines

Espresso Book Machine (EBM) is a real product. Manufactured by Xerox, it’s sold by On Demand Books. It can make a paperback book while you wait, printing up to 150 pages per minute.

The machine is connected to an online catalog of over seven million in-copyright and public domain books.

Transcript adapted from: https://ebookfriendly.com/library-future-technologies/




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